Theatre Sound Absorption Example

Absorption Value

Existing 520 s.f. carpet at .15
320 s.f. curtains at .30 to .35
2000 s.f tectum at .35
Total existing absorption 882 sabins

Sabins required for a 1 second reverb time is 1325 minus the existing of 882 = 443 sabins for a 1 second reverb time or half of that for the 2 second reverb time.
Our fabric covered wall panel absorbs .8 per s.f. so you need about 34 ea. 2' x 4' x 1" or a total of 275 s.f. of absorber with an NRC of .8 to get to the 2 second reverb (preferred) reverberation.

Certainly any quantity of 80% of this number will have a recognizable impact. Start with something that will make a difference and add more if you want. This works.

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