Fabric-Wrapped Sound Absorbers and Baffles

Rigid Panels

  • 1-Inch x 2-Ft. x 4-Ft., wrapped with Guilford style 2100 FR fabric.

  • Meets ASTM E-84 and UL Class 1 flame and smoke ratings
Elegant appearance, chemically hardened edges are very durable.
  • Standard panel has square edges.
  • All panels have Z-clip mounting for easy removal and installation.
These can be used on walls or ceiling. Apply adhesive for permanent securement.
  • NRC: .80 to 1.05, NRC explained here.
  • Custom sizes and shapes to 4-Ft. x 10-Ft.

Z-Clip Wall Mount

Shaped Edges

  • 1-Inch x 2-Ft. x 4-Ft.
  • Chemically hardened and include Z-clip mounting
  • All the same features as square edge but available with edge styles:
    • 1/4-inch pencil radius (not shown)
    • Full 3/4-inch radius (see panel in foreground)
    • 1/2 bevel (see salmon colored 2nd panel from front)
    • Full bevel (bevel is across entire edge)
    • Square edge (see red panel 3rd from front)
  • Custom sizes and shapes to 4-Ft. x 10-Ft.

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