About The Insulation Guy
Industrial Insulation Distributor

In 1989 Smock and Schonthaler Industrial Insulation, Inc. (also known as S & S Insulation) began selling industrial insulation products in Erie, Pennsylvania and the tri-state region. Since the launch of our first website in 1997, our market quickly expanded nationwide.

As we have serviced our customers over the years, we were continually referred to as "The Insulation Guy." We soon realized this was a much easier identity, so we got a new logo and consolidated all our product information under this domain name.

If you're looking for thermal or acoustic insulation products — pipe, blanket, valve, duct, boiler or equipment — from manufacturers like Armaflex, Manville, Owens Corning, and Pittsburgh Corning, your search is over.

Not only do we carry just about any industrial insulation product in use today, but we also pride ourselves in being truly knowledgeable in understanding how to solve your insulation application and protection problems, however simple or complex.

Our value proposition is simple: our products and services will reduce your operating expenses significantly. Our products typically pay for themselves — usually within a year. Our certified energy analyst can show you how!

Conserve heat, control your processes and/or condensation and protect your personnel. Whether you are a plumber, HVAC contractor, mechanical engineer, or a manufacturer — we will help solve your insulation problem.

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