Industrial Foam Board Insulation

Foam board insulation of various densities and temperature ranges are used for applications ranging from HVAC to tank bases, platens, machined shapes, sound attenuation, and more. These materials are available in one sheet increments or by the entire truckload. Sheets fit applications from -40ºF to 2300ºF.

The types of foam board insulation most suited for commercial applications include polyisocyanurate (or polyiso) and foam glass. Polyiso features a closed-cell infrastructure and is often faced with reflective foil for optimum thermal performance. Foam glass board's strength, durability, vapor resistance, and non-combustibility make it a prime choice for demanding industrial environments. 

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Foam Board Insulation and Accessories

Insulation Board Accessories

Available accessories include sealants, tape, adhesives, fasteners, coatings. View more on the Accessories page.

Industrial Foam Glass Board
Foam glass board (or block) non-wicking fireproof insulation

Foam Board Insulation

Rigid and flexible foam board insulation to 1200ºF