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Mineral Insulated Heating Cable Systems

One conductor and two conductor

Delta-Therm designs and manufactures mineral insulated heating cable systems which are flame proof, durable, cold resistant, gas tight, explosion proof, and fully grounded. Sheath options include copper, copper with HDPE overjacket, and Alloy 825 stainless steel.

• Unique termination design

• Numerous voltages

• Easy field repairs

• Design options

• Flexible


• Fire resistant

• Corrosion resistant

• No degradation

• Comprehensive factory testing

• Low installation costs

• UL listed

MI Cable
Mineral insulated (MI) cable consists of one or two resistance heating elements embedded in highly compressed magnesium oxide covered by a copper or an Alloy 825 stainless steel sheath. Application requirements determine resistance size and sheath material.

Terminal Construction
All 1 and 2 conductor cables come fully terminated and moisture proofed. The end termination consists of a thermal gradient section butt-connected to 19-strand THWN cold leads. The cold leads are crimped and soldered to the thermal gradient section, insulated with a high-dielectric, high-temperature tape, and epoxy potted in a rigid brass sleeve. The thermal gradient section is silver soldered to the heating wire and protected by a rigid brass sleeve with magnesium oxide.

HDPE Jacketing
Extruded, high-density polyethylene jacketing can be specified to provide optimal mechanical and corrosion protection. HDPE jacketing safeguards against damage during installation or use. It also provides a superior defense against corrosive chemicals, such as calcium chloride, and salts.

Cable Kits (supplied w/each MI cable assembly)

• Thermal gradient section
• Cold leads
• Pressure connectors
• "T" or "C" Condulet w/gasket and cover
• Delta dry (water repellent powder)
• Ductseal
• Installation instructions
• Aluminum heat distribution tape
• Brass identification plaques
• Brass marker assembly (BMA)
• Fiberglass banding tape
• Monitor panels
• Snow melting controls
• Stainless steel strap (punched)
• Thermostats
Power Cable - a variety of power cables
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