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Noise Problems Solved: Customer Testimonials

"I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how pleased we are with the acoustics in our social hall following the installation of the wall panels purchased from your company.

Prior to the installation we had an extremely large amount of echo... now we can enjoy our assembly building and understand what is being said. We thank your company for your honesty, fair prices, and great products."


Thank you so much for your helpful way to get the most from our purchase and the biggest bang for our buck. The panels you provided are every bit as good as you said they would be. They look nice, went up as easy as you said they would, and honestly, the gymnasium is far quieter than we thought it would be.

Regarding your question if you can use our case on the internet, my answer is ABSOLUTELY. We came to the right people and we would recommend you to anyone that wants an honest answer and a fair price. Your prices were at least 25% lower than anyone else, and the quality is far better than any comparable product we looked at.

Ray Overhold
Hermitage House

Please find the attached pictures of your sound baffles in our remodeled modular office space. The sound baffles are aesthetically pleasing, easy to install, and do not attract immediate attention when you walk into the room. Functionally they work wonderfully. They have eliminated the echoes and dramatically reduced the decibel levels in the space. Money well spent.

Thanks, PGT Trucking

S&S sound baffles have made a huge difference in my dog daycare, boarding kennel, and grooming facility.

I have three cinderblock and steel warehouses, and multi-level playrooms where almost 100 dogs romp and play and BARK each day. We hung the baffles in less than a day by ourselves, and immediately noticed a huge reduction and softening of the noise.

It sounded like we had far fewer animals and created a far less stressful environment for everyone—including the dogs!!! These baffles were a terrific, attractive, and inexpensive investment for us. Thank you S&S!!!!

Jean Redmond
Silver Spring, MD

Great to hear from you. Yes, we are very pleased with t he product, as are the 120 people that work in OCC. We saw an immediate drop in noise when we installed them. In retrospect, I have to tell you that your insight and guidance made just as much of an impact as did the material. Overall, I felt that you provided analyis and educated recommendations on the type and amount of material we had to buy. Please feel free to use me as a reference if needed. Thanks again for the follow up.

Best Regards,

Our church has a large multi-purpose room (dimensions 75' x 32' x 14') with mostly reflective surfaces on the walls, ceiling and floor. The room is used for church fellowships, meetings where there is one main speaker, and as a gymnasium for youth ministries. When more than 4 people were talking in the room at the same time, it sounded like 25 people. The room became deafeningly loud when there were large group functions. Recently at our Vacation Bible School, there was a main speaker for the children. Some ladies went to the back corner of the room to have a quiet conversation. Their voices reverberated right back up to the front of the room where the children were seated, competing with the speaker for their attention. Church members were constantly trying to quiet each other during times where one speaker was trying to be heard, and children's ministry leaders were going home with headaches.
The elders wanted to treat the room to lower the reverberation time, but there are many other projects needing attention at the church, so they did not want to commit more than $2,000 to the project. Because of the cost limitations, the church was planning to treat the room with acoustical foam. We learned, however, that foam is not only unattractive, it probably would not be durable enough for the dodge balls that fly around the room during Youth Group. Many acoustic experts advised that the foam panels would probably not last long because of wear and tear from the balls used in the room. We began looking for acoustic treatments that would be aesthetically pleasing and durable.

We contacted Steve at Smock and Schonthaler. He recommended fabric wrapped wall panels. We determined that we needed 720 square feet of panels to lower the reverb. time in the room. The total cost of the panels was estimated at $4,800. So we asked if we could purchase the fiberglass and fabric separately, and cover the panels ourselves. Steve not only agreed to sell us the materials, but patiently answered all of our questions. The total cost of the "Do-it-Yourself" wall panels was approximately $2,200. This was only $100 more than the Sonex foam panels we had originally considered, and much more durable and pleasing to the eye. Once we received the fiberglass and fabric, church members volunteered to cover the panels with the fabric using spray glue as an adhesive. The corners of some of the panels disintegrated during the shipping process, so Steve sent us a special knife, and we cut off the corners before covering them. We appreciate all of Steve's technical advice on covering and installing the panels. All phone calls were promptly returned, and the customer service was first-rate.

The acoustical difference in the room is amazing. We had a church potluck this past Sunday, and it actually seemed quiet in the room. We were not all raising our voices to be heard above the din. Conversations are now pleasant, and not a strain on the ears. Children's ministry workers no longer dread taking children into the room. Even the classrooms next to the multi-purpose room are quieter now. The fabric we chose matches the room nicely, and a soft dodge ball can bounce off a panel occasionally without damaging it. Because we chose to cover the panels ourselves, we saved approximately $2,600 off the price of pre-made panels.

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