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Sound Baffles and Absorbers

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Acoustic baffles are ideal for areas where sound deflects off hard surfaces. Acoustic baffles look good and remove the echo effect in large rooms.

We distribute Silentspace® and Sound Seal acoustic baffles.

Contact us for solutions to your acoustic problems.

Turn down the sound with Silent-space baffles. The acoustical core absorbs noise from both directions - making interior spaces livable and workable.

Providing endless design possibilities, they are an ideal medium for graphic displays or signage. They can also be utilized as a visual locator between work areas or to define open spaces.

The cost of a standard 2' x 4' x 1-1/2" thick polywrap baffle with grommets is substantially less than any other noise reduction treatment.

Silentspace® baffles are aesthetically and acoustically pleasing.
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